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eBay integration

Connect your eBay account with your Chit Chats account to access discounted rates and streamline your shipping.

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Connect your eBay store with your Chit Chats account

  • Download orders in a few clicks
  • Access low postage rates and print labels for free
  • Easily edit multiple shipments at one time
  • Save and manage shipping presets
  • Customize fulfillment notifications

Why eBay clients love connecting their stores

"My U.S. eBay business is only possible because I can ship to USPS with Chit Chats. I have a worry free business and the service is second to none. Thanks Chit Chats."

Joseph C.
5 Stars

"I found a Chit Chats employee through eBay chat discussions when I started my online business 4 years ago. I was desperate when I found out about the high cost of shipping to the US and considered giving up my e-commerce business. But she [Chit Chats] gave me a shipping solution to the US, so I could grow my business."

Zen Tea
5 Stars

"Chit Chat services are especially cheaper for small parcels (under 1 lb) and things that will fit in flat rate boxes. You can now do it all from home and just drop off your packages. I highly recommend their services especially if you're shipping smaller stuff. Overall great service especially for small eBay sellers like me where every dollar counts. Thanks!"

Drekian A.
5 Stars

"An invaluable addition to my eBay business with crazy cheap shipping methods."

Jeff P.
5 Stars

"Chit Chats has helped our eBay business grow exponentially and saved us thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in the 2 years we've been using them. Chit Chat's low fees have helped us stay competitive in a market where most items are sold in the USA. I can't recommend Chit Chats enough if you ship to the US."

Lindsay B.
5 Stars

"I don't think I can be an ebay seller if not for Chit Chats! I've been recommending this company to anyone I know who ship items to the US or anywhere. Chit Chats is heaven sent, indeed!"

5 Stars

Chit Chats helps scale your eBay business

  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment with low postage rates
  • Grow your marketplace and expand into the U.S. and worldwide
  • Streamline and manage shipping in one platform

Save time and connect your eBay store

No hidden monthly fees. Unbeatable prices. 20 million parcels delivered.

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