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Mail-in your shipments

While we aren't in every city yet, take advantage of our fully tracked, low-cost rates by mailing in your shipments to a Chit Chats hub using a carrier of your choice.

We know sellers live all across Canada and if there is no Chit Chats in your region or you live in a remote area, you can still save by mailing in packages directly to a Chit Chats branch.

How it works

Step 1

Select the region of the branch you're mailing into.

Step 2

Buy and print postage from your account.

Step 3

Consolidate and batch your shipments.

Step 4

Send with a carrier of your choice to the hub branch.

Find detailed instructions in our Help & Support.

Insurance for Mail-ins

Get your shipments to us using a local courier or another third-party carrier, it's totally up to you! Once Chit Chats receives your packages we process and hand them off to our partner carriers for delivery to your customers.

If you have purchased Chit Chats Insurance for the shipments to your customers, coverage begins from the moment we receive them. If you require insurance coverage for your packages prior to Chit Chats we recommend using a service that includes this when mailing your shipments to us.

Delivery time

Mailing in your shipments to a Chit Chats hub will add on additional transit times. Yet compared to national carriers, the total delivery time to your customers can be faster.

Compare a Chit Chats mail-in client who sends consolidated U.S. bound shipments next day to Chat Chats versus shipping the package directly to the U.S. via a national carrier.

With Chit Chats a seven ounce package to the U.S. can be delivered in two to five business days anywhere in the U.S. which includes the mail-in time to a Chit Chats branch. With national carriers packages to the U.S. are typically delivered within four to eight business days.

Chart showing delivery time as described by delivery time heading


Save an average of 30% within Canada, between 50% - 71% to the U.S. and up to 80% internationally compared to national carriers. We also offer optional insurance coverage that is up to 90% cheaper than other carriers.

Chit Chats is Canada's leading shipping alternative with low-cost, fully tracked options and fast delivery to Canada, the U.S. and internationally.

National Carrier $23.00
Chit Chats $12.00 + $1.50* *mail-in cost
$9.50 *mail-in cost
$570 saved monthly
$6840 saved yearly
Based on 15 orders per week

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Real case studies of mail-in clients

Case study #1


With two shops on Etsy it was next to impossible to compete with U.S. shops because shipping from Canada was so high. They lowered shipping costs and took a financial hit to cover the difference as otherwise it would be too expensive for customers to even order.


Came across Chit Chats in a forum on Etsy about affordable Canadian shipping options. Chit Chats took the time to understand their business and offer shipping solutions that made it cost effective. Their customers get product delivered to them quickly and with lower shipping costs that can beat many of their U.S. competitors. Their average shipping cost per unit went from $32.46 to $13.85.

They got that time was money and with the affordable mail-in option... there was another 8 hours I would get back every week. My costs have been reduced by 1/2... I actually make money now without digging into my profits.

Roman Valley Farm and Wood Finds

After your new site came up, I jumped in to it and haven't stopped using it. I love the new site so much.

Romantically Apocalyptic

Case study #2


Even with their Shopify discount shipping fees were high and they were losing sales. Being in a remote area the closest Chit Chats branch is a four hour drive away and made it difficult to get to.


Chit Chats had low-cost U.S. and international postage options that helped grow their marketplace. The low-cost shipping options leveled the playing field so they could be competitive. By savings up to 70% on shipping they would mail-in packages once a week and only add an average of $1 per order. The Shopify integration also helped streamline their shipping workflow and save time.

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