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Intégration d’Etsy

Vous vendez sur Etsy? Economisez du temps et connectez votre boutique Etsy avec votre compte Chit Chats pour accéder à nos tarifs d’affranchissement réduits.

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Connectez votre boutique Etsy avec votre compte Chit Chats

  • Téléchargez les commandes en seulement quelques clics.
  • Accédez à des tarifs d’affranchissement bas et imprimer les étiquettes gratuitement.
  • Modifiez et gérez facilement les expéditions en un seul endroit.
  • Sauvegardez et gérez les réglages
  • Personnalisez les avis d’exécution

Pourquoi les clients d'Etsy aiment connecter leurs boutiques avec Chit Chats

"Wife has an Etsy shop, uses CC exclusively for shipping. Saves money every package. This place rocks, go there if you ship regularly. Trust me, just do it."

Laurin J.
5 Stars

"Started selling art overseas with Chit Chats, it's so cheap (and even fast) to ship any size of package to Europe! It would not have been possible to make business without them. Thank you Chit Chats!"

Maxime L.
5 Stars

"When I first started selling I was using Canada Post for all of my shipments but this created many barriers to US customers who expect tracking. Quickly discovered that even with the added cost for getting the packages to Chit Chats it still worked out to be less than Canada Post Non-Tracked services with faster delivery saving almost 70%."

Alice M.
5 Stars

"I've been able to increase my sales, have less customer service emails about Where’s my package, and receive more positive comments from customers who were impressed by the speed and cost of delivery. I'm so happy that Chit Chats offers this service for my Etsy shops and I look forward to using them for many years to come."

Alice M.
5 Stars

"Chit Chats offers quicker delivery and the customer tracking. I really couldn't believe it but it was such a huge relief and my customers were so much happier, less questions about where their orders were. I have been so incredibly pleased with the service, support Chit Chats' staff provide. I recommended their services to other small business owners who are contemplating opening Etsy shops."

Michelle L.
5 Stars

Chit Chats aide à développer votre activité sur Etsy

  • Réduisez l'abandon des paniers d'achat grâce à des frais d’affranchissement réduits
  • Développez votre marché et étendez vos activités aux États-Unis et dans le monde entier
  • Simplifiez et gérez les expéditions sur platform une seule plateforme.

Économisez du temps et connectez votre boutique Etsy

Pas de frais mensuels cachés. Des prix imbattables. 20 millions de colis livrés.

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